Engineers for Business S.A. (EfB) is a technology-based SME company founded by post-doc engineers with the aim to provide advanced research, development, and consulting services. The company provides holistic services and products that link entrepreneurship, engineering and sustainability. It is a dynamically growing company based in Thessaloniki, Greece and operating throughout Europe. EfB’s human resources include both business and environmental planners, with extensive experience in operations management (OR) - related services, development of optimization algorithms, innovative ICT applications, decision support systems, and integrated sustainability management. In addition to cutting-edge technology consulting and services, the company has a long experience in supporting business plans, project and financial management of EU-funded research projects, and certification of business processes, products and services.


Engineers for Business focuses on the development of advanced and reliable ICT products (software and information systems), in combination with the provision of high-quality, cutting-edge services. The company offers services in the following multi-disciplinary thematic areas:

Research projects

Project title Kyklos 4.0: An Advanced Circular and Agile Manufacturing Ecosystem based on rapid reconfigurable manufacturing process and individualized consumer preferences
Funded by European Commission | H2020-DT-2018-2020 | Innovation Actions (IA)
Duration 48 months  |  October 2019 – September 2023
EFB budget 346.375 € Total Budget 19.248.200 €

KYKLOS 4.0 demonstrates the transformative effects that Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies and methodologies will have to the Circular Manufacturing Framework. To this end, the project performs large-scale pilots to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic viability of KYKLOS 4.0 Ecosystem to reshape intra-factory processes and services, while showing KYKLOS 4.0 value in terms of operational efficiency improvements and delivering reusable solutions (second use of material, part and components reuse) for the whole manufacturing sectors. Moreover, KYKLOS 4.0 ensures scalability for future scale of novel circular manufacturing technologies and services by engaging over 100 key European industry actors. Bringing together knowledge and solutions of major European technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in the circular manufacturing  domain, the project demonstrates a measurable reduction of environmental impacts due to the reduce of the use of fossil fuels and raw materials. The delivered results are relevant for the whole manufacturing sector and market throughout Europe.


Project title Fields: Addressing the current and Future skill needs for sustainability, digitalization, and the bio-Economy in Agriculture: European skills agenda and Strategy
Funded by European Commission  |  Erasmus+  |  KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Duration 48 months  |  January 2020 – December 2023
EFB budget 88.437 € Total Budget 3.996.600 €

FIELDS tackles new challenges and opportunities for agriculture today, driven by the climate change, the greening of the products and processes, the reuse of side-stream products, the raised complexity of the chain and the increased availability of information. The multi-stakeholder approach of the FIELDS project allows confronting the complexity of the issues that  EU agriculture faces today and successfully addresses and reacts to these drivers through the proposition of new business models and skills. As agriculture issues differ a lot from country to country, the EU strategy will be customized to address country-specific actions, occupational profiles and training material to reflect the country needs while keeping EU quality standards (ESCO, EQAVET, ECVET) to address the mobility of learners through Europe concretely. Within the project, an Agriculture Sector Skill Alliance is established to build upon the regulatory frameworks and opportunities at EU and country level, proposing concrete and practical initiatives to address skills challenges, in particular through offering modular training inside the project while guaranteeing mobility of workers within the agriculture, forestry and agrifood industry.


Project title Agrotrace: Integrated system for traceability and agrologistics of fresh fruits and vegetables
Funded by Hellenic General Secretariat for Research and Technology
EPAnEK Operational Progam 2014-2020 Competitiveness Entrepreneurship Innovation
Duration 36 months  |  October 2019 – September 2022
EFB budget 34.000 € Total Budget 835.278 €

Faced with the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements and satisfying consumer expectations for safe fresh foods, industry segments are evolving on separate, yet parallel paths to define their own traceability guidelines and address the supply chain-related aspects of food safety. Unique identification of products and standardized exchange of product data are required to contribute to food safety while also establishing cost-efficient business processes for information linkages to all participants in the supply chain. AgroTrace develops an effective integrated traceability process and a standardized approach to fresh product and location identification while also remaining flexible for the various supply chain roles and responsibilities within the ecosystem. The AgroTrace approach establishes a common language and procedures shared by all players through all levels of the supply chain, along with interoperable hardware and software solutions in order to accommodate improved food safety via precise and efficient recalls, new operational efficiencies gained by all members of the supply chain, and reduced waste by implementing proper handling or rotation based on item-level traceability.


Project title Palaemon: A holistic passenger ship evacuation and rescue ecosystem
Funded by European Commission | H2020-MG-2018-2019-2020 | Research and Innovation Actions (RIA)
Duration 36 months  |  June 2019 – May 2022
EFB budget 358.125 € Total Budget 8.996.900 €

PALAEMON develops a sophisticated mass centralised evacuation system, based on a radical re-thinking of Mass Evacuation Vessels (MEVs) combined with an intelligent ecosystem of critical components providing real-time access to and representation of data to establish appropriate evacuation strategies for optimizing the operational planning of the evacuation process on damaged or flooded vessels. The intelligent ecosystem of PALAEMON incorporates innovative technologies for sensing, people monitoring and counting and localisation services as well as real-time data during accident time. These are integrated into an independent, smart situation-awareness and guidance system for sustaining an active evacuation route for large crowds, making emergency response in EU passenger ships more efficient. Continuous monitoring and permanent control enhances the capacity to detect, prevent and mitigate any issue and potential harm arising from physical and/or man-made accidents and disasters.

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Project title Biocircular: Bioproduction system for circular precision farming
Funded by Hellenic General Secretariat for Research and Technology
EPAnEK Operational Progam 2014-2020 Competitiveness Entrepreneurship Innovation
Duration 36 months  |  September 2018 – August 2021
EFB budget 49.500 € Total Budget 994.615 €

Biocircular tackles major issues in inefficient and unsustainable farming practices leading to inappropriate application of resources such as artificial fertilisers, non-optimised value chains in the production system, and insufficient data handling and processing. This is accomplished through the incorporation of smart farming and smart processing processes into an integrated system for the optimal management of a middle-sized farm and the minimization of its carbon footprint. To date, the gaps have not been addressed as farmers lack low cost and effective technologies and methods available to them to manage the complexities of whole farm resources and more specifically to transform data into knowledge suitable for decision making; to monitor and interpret important indicators such as soil readiness, nutrient efficiency, product quality and animal welfare which are all interrelated and requires multidisciplinary expertise. Biocircular addresses these gaps by bringing together novel ICT and cross-border multidisciplinary expertise in precision farming and develops economically viable advanced smart technologies and software integrating multiple levels of farm decision making.

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Project title v-agrifleet: Voice-driven fleet management system for agricultural operations
Funded by European Commission | FP7-FRACTALS
Duration 36 months  |  June 2015 – March 2016
Total budget 114.560 €

V-AgriFleet develops an innovative agricultural fleet management system to be operated through a mobile application. The central operational features of the application includes a voice interaction with the user (voice driven). The product is significantly differentiated from competition due to the fact that it can be applied to heterogeneous fleets (different types of agricultural vehicles/machines, different manufacturing companies), overcoming the disadvantages of existing fleet management solutions that apply exclusively to homogeneous fleets regarding the type and trademarks of the vehicles/machines of the agricultural fleet concerned. At the same time, the use of voice commands releases operators from further manual interaction with the system, enabling them to interact with the application by either providing or collecting information with their voice.

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V-AgriFleet is an innovative agricultural fleet management application which has as a central functional feature the voice-driven provision and receiving of real-time information. The application is a decentralized fleet management tool for heterogeneous fleets independently of the machines’ brand names and specifications. It provides operators the complete communication by his/her own voice without any manual interaction with the interface which cost in time from and concentration to other parallel tasks. V-AgriFleet is a FIWARE based application incorporating a series of enablers (e.g. PEP Proxy - Wilma, AuthZForce, Orion Context Broker) that is targeted to various customer groups, such as farmers and farmers associations, and machinery contractors and manufactures. The development of V-AgriFleet has been funded by the E.U., under the 7th Framework Program, in collaboration with MLS S.A.

ecoCycle v1.1 software calculates the environmental impact of a supply chain with the use of Life Cycle Assessment. Through the use of the tool, a thorough and complete assessment of the product or process under study is carried out, taking into account the whole life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the disposal and the waste management of products. ecoCycle is based on the Eco Indicator 99 methodology, which calculates a single indicator that reflects the overall environmental impact of a product or process over its entire life cycle, based on the International Standard ISO 14042. More specifically, ecoCycle quantifies the following environmental impacts: (a) Human health, (b) natural environment, (c) climate change, (d) depletion of natural resources, (e) ozone depletion, (f) acidification, (g) eutrophication, (h) ionizing radiation, (i) ecotoxicity, and (i) land use.

Agro TC

Agro TC is a specialized software that fully supports the operation of Technical Inspection Stations for Agricultural Sprayers. The software records equipment audits (nebulizer sprayers, large crop sprayers) and exports/analyzes results. It issues the relevant certificates of suitability and extracts the monthly reports to the Regional Authorities. Agro TC is fully in line with the requirements set by the Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

Technical Inspection Stations that currently use Agro TC

Indicative Collaborations


Engineers for Business’ human resources include business and environmental managers, with extensive experience in operations management (OR) - related services, development of optimisation algorithms, innovative ICT applications, decision support systems, and integrated sustainability management. EfB’s partners and personnel have strong expertise in Science, Research & Development, as well as project and financial management of EU funded projects, having implemented a large number of such projects during the last years. Also, Engineers for Business collaborates with a broad network of highly specialized, interdisciplinary post-doctoral scientists based on the particular needs of the projects undertaken by the company.


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